You immediately feel the calm at
Brushy Creek. It’s a different kind of place where you will want “some of what we got”. We’re gonna know you soon after you arrive, just like the horse! Now your work on you starts

✔ Self Esteem
✔ Depression
✔ Isolation
✔ Anger

Each of our programs are uniquely prepared for you and your team.

  • Participants will begin and understand the importance of how changing changing their          focus from themselves to another creature can actually facilitate real change.

  • The horse can help some people to overcome things in their life they might not be able to overcome otherwise. Ultimately, healing and progress takes place when you realize the need for No more Self Centeredness.

Course Curriculum will include all aspects of dealing with the four leg teachers:

    ✔ Clean up
    ✔ The Nature of the Horse
    ✔ Grooming & Leading
    ✔ Round Pen

It’s all about the quality of the communication not the quantity.

If you make it easy for the horse to do the right thing, that’s what it will do. Not necessarily true with humans.

Humans will beat their heads against the wall rather than open the door and walk through it.
You try to do as little as you can, but you need to do as much as is necessary.

Gentle in what you do. Firm in how you do it.

Girl with Horse