Transforming Lives Through Equine Therapy

Three Horses

Training covers all aspects of caring for the horses from cleaning stalls, to actual training to socialize the horse. For some, we will progress to riding the horse you have helped to train. Those who participate in our program will recognize their own behavior in the horse as we believe the horses eyes are a window to your soul. So, teaching becomes a significant aid to managing your own challenges. Self- esteem and confidence grows and anger, frustration, feelings of isolation melt away. We all have similar challenges but with effective strategies when these challenges are faced we’re better able to cope with them.

We’ve assembled a team whose combined experience spans more than 100 years of horse training and riding and working with combat veterans. Each instructor will work exclusively with a student to guide and mentor through the learning process. This is not a lecture series. The student will learn the cues of a horse, non- verbal commands, patience and teaching style uniquely suited to the nature of the horse. During the training there will be lots of hands on doing as you learn, and it will likely provide an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. There is so much to learn from your experience at Brushy Creek Reserve that you could spend a lifetime studying the horse and relating its behavior to our own.

At Brushy Creek, we help participants understand the key principles of equine therapy:
Make it easy for the horse to be relaxed, calm and accurate

■ If you relax, the horse will relax
■ Whatever you make easy for the horse, that is what he is going to get good at
■ It will be like a beautiful dance between you and the horse
■ It won’t be long before he is hunting for that just as hard as you are
■ The horse responds to comfort
■ If the horse responds to you and you give him peace and comfort that means more to him than anything
■ You can’t just say no to a horse
■ Don’t wait for him to do the wrong thing then punish him
■ Redirect him to something that works for both of you

Redirect a negative behavior with a positive one, something that works for both of you
Upon completion of the 30 Day (JUVENILES) or 60 day program each student will receive a certificate showing completion that will be recognized by the court, in part, as having met their criteria for consideration to be released from court supervision. You will graduate with marketable skills and the confidence you can continue to build on to go as far with your training as you want to go.